The gondola was ceremoniously opened by Milorad Dodik, who, as they say in the OC, is the most deserving for the revival of the mountain. He helped restore Jahorina’s brilliance even as the president of the Republika Srpska. Dodik promises that the construction and connection with the gondola will not stop.

“To build a gondola to Pale in the next period, the mega project we will start working on this one is a gondola to Lukavica, from here to Lukavica. That will certainly mean a new offer, a new solution for the Olympic mountain, we must all gather around this idea and all those who have their own private business here must be part of an offer team called Jahorina, the good people of Jahorina, “said Milorad Dodik, a Serb member of the BiH presidency.

In the management of OC, they received permission to name the new investments after the best tennis player in the world and a world director. Novak Djokovic and Emir Kusturica are expected this winter season.

“Our greatest pride is the gondola, but the president allowed me another exclusive information to say that it will bear the name of Emir Kusturica, so we will really have one big family of champions,” said Nedeljko Elek, president of the Supervisory Board of OC “Jahorina”.

Until now, Novak’s name was carried only by AIR Serbia planes, and now his name adorns the Olympic beauty in Republika Srpska. Srdjan Djokovic, Novak’s father, confirmed today that Novak and the Djokovic family gladly accepted the invitation of OC “Jahorina”, who once again reiterated that the Republika Srpska is a home for Djokovic, just like the one in Belgrade. He also conveyed a message from the world’s tennis ace.

“Novak, with the fact that the trail will be called Novak Djokovic, shows how much he cares about this mountain, all of you, and he wants you to be as successful as he is,” said Srdjan Djokovic, Novak Djokovic’s father.

The municipality of Pale will give the Djokovic family a plot of land on Jahorina, so that together with Novak they can stay on the Olympic mountain more often. Today, all visitors to Jahorina were able to enjoy a panoramic ride for free. They have only words of praise for the new investment.

In addition to new trails and gondolas on Jahorina, new ski lifts and a lake on Poljice were built. Five kilometers of the trail are illuminated for night skiing. The Lajter company believes that it will continue to be a construction partner on Jahorina, which they announced today in the OC “Jahorina”.

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