Sasa Matic’s spectacular concert on November 30th

Jahorina Olympic Center continues in a great manner and for November 30, 2019 announces the concert of Sasa Matic on the Olympic Mountain.

In addition to the great results achieved this summer and the announcement of a new winter tourist season, which is certainly an occasion for celebration, this day will also mark the official launch of the first cabin gondola on Jahorina, as well as other projects that OC Jahorina has worked hard in the previous period.

In the many ballads that Sasa Matic is known for, as well as cheerful songs with which the audience will be able to dance, Jahorina guests will have the opportunity to enjoy on November 30, at the concert which starts at 8 pm.

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The director of the Jahorina Olympic Center, Dejan Ljevnaic, said: “We continue to organize good concerts and bring the famous music star back to Jahorina. It is about Sasa Matic, who will enhance our celebration by performing his hits. On the same day, we will open the first cabin gondola on Jahorina and officially launch all other projects. ”

He emphasized that OC has done a lot during the preparation for this season, and that skiers and all visitors to Jahorina will have the opportunity to enjoy even better and brighter Jahorina.

“Although we have directed most of our capacities to infrastructure works, the fun on Jahorina will not be lacking this winter, so we will continue to organize big concerts and a good time that everyone is used to during the season,” said Ljevnajic.

Sasa Matic’s concert will be held indoors and tickets have already been released. Tickets range from 15 BAM on the ground floor, 50 BAM on the vip backstage, up to 70 BAM on the vip exclusive. On the day of the concert, the ticket for the ground floor seats will be 20 BAM.

Tickets can be purchased at points of sale: Jahorina (Termag, Vucko and Lavina), Pale (TC Tom Caffe Gallery), East Sarajevo (KISS Beauty Salon), Bijeljina (Club Freud), as well as through the system as well as on their points of sale.