Ski school MAX Jahorina

Ski school MAX Jahorina offers ski school services with licensed and experienced ski teachers for children and adults. The ski school holds ski lessons and snowboard training at the Jahorina Olympic Center. After completing the training, the youngest ones receive diplomas on the completed degree of skiing.

If you want to learn to ski, do it with professional instructors. Like any other sporting activity, skiing is best learned when learning the right way from the start. All our instructors have the necessary licenses for ski training of the competent ski association ATUS. Many of them have the highest ski classifications, and with the policy of continuous education and training, we guarantee you the highest level of teaching with the right techniques from the very beginning.

The beginning of the training is not conditioned by age. It is never too late to learn to ski. The hardest part is overcoming the initial steps, while breaking down fears and prejudices. The knowledge that one does not have to fall in the training phase and that skiing is not difficult or dangerous, that it can be a pleasure and enjoyment, increases the self-confidence of the participants and strengthens the motives for further participation in ski training. Each participant who goes through the training program can reach a certain level of skiing knowledge in accordance with the age and motor skills they have. All ski school students have paid insurance in case of an accident. In order to successfully master skiing techniques, we have provided cooperation with the best teachers. One lesson lasts 55 minutes.

Ski school reservations by phone / Viber: +387 65 344 322

Work and training of skiers in the ski school MAX Jahorina includes all techniques of skiing on snow. Teachers and ski instructors of MAX Jahorina are professionally educated before and after each ski season, following in step all the news related to skiing learning techniques.

We have prepared a range of different learning programs for all types of skiing. You will be able to start learning alpine skiing on specially prepared and adapted polygons and ski trails on Jahorina.

The program and the official price list of the ski school 2021/22

The price includes insurance.
The class lasts 55 minutes.
The price for group classes was made on the basis of a minimum of 4 participants.
The instructor reserves the right to add students of the same level of knowledge.
Cancellation 1 hour before the start is free of charge.
The school reserves the right to charge for the canceled class within 1 hour before the start.

Equipment and ski pass are not included in the price.

– One person = 60,00 KM
– Two persons = 80,00 KM
– Three persons = 100,00 KM
– Four persons = 120,00 KM

Ski school program
1. Recognition and carrying equipment
2. Putting on the equipment, skiing position and light skating on a flat surface intended for beginner training (polygon)
 3. Exercises of balance in place and movement
4. Stopping exercises (plow) and preparation for the first descent
5. Downhill in a flat position with a stop at the end of the downhill in the plow position
6. Constant control of speed in the plow position with inserted movement exercises
7. Plow bend
8. Basic bandage
9. Wedge meander
 10. Introduction to vertical transport (first wire)
11. Dynamic meandering
12. Driving on uneven terrain and deep
Group classes
– Group classes for 2 hours a day (2 days a week) = 40 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 55 euros per person
(4 days a week) = 65 euros per person
(5 days a week) = 80 euros per person
(6 days a week) = 90 euros per person
– Group classes for 4 hours a day (2 days a week) = 70 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 90 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 100 euros per person
(4 days a week) = 120 euros per person
(5 days a week) = 130 euros per person
(6 days a week) = 150 euros per person

Individual teaching

It involves the work of an instructor with 1 to 3 people. In individual classes, the instructor has the opportunity to approach each individual in a special way in accordance with his current knowledge and abilities. Also, students have the opportunity to adjust the number and dates of classes in agreement with the instructor to their needs and desires.

Group classes

The formation of homogeneous groups is done according to the age and level of ski knowledge. Groups cannot contain less than 4 participants and more than 8 participants. For children up to 5 years the maximum number of participants is 6. For children aged 6-12 groups are made so that the age difference can be a maximum of 3 years of age. In the case of family learning and the impossibility of separating children from their parents or older siblings, the instructor is obliged to inform parents about the shortcomings of such learning.

Be early enough at the place where the classes start and arrive on time after the end of the classes to pick up your child at the agreed place with the instructor
Depending on the weather conditions, put on warm clothes, a hat, goggles, gloves, bring 1 more pair of gloves.
Take your child to the bathroom before skiing
Trust the ski instructor (do not train or teach him to ski), respect the instructors and please leave the child alone with the instructor during ski lessons
Tell the instructors if they should know anything about your child
When you pick up your child at the end of the class you must inform the ski instructor that you have picked him up
You must return the ski equipment you rent at the end of your skiing and arrange it properly for the next lesson hour

Ski programs and courses at the Max Jahorina ski school:

Adaptation on skis and ski equipment
Properly putting on and taking off skis, boots and wearing ski equipment
Proper getting up, falling, lifting on flat and steep terrain, fall situations
Basic position in skiing
Driving and walking on a flat polygon in different directions
Climbing in skis, boots on the slope with various ski control techniques
Balance and speed control exercises when skiing down a small slope
Basic and combined plow turns
Ski bows
Turn left and right
Control of skis and speed of movement on larger slopes
Use of lifts and cable cars

Plow meandering in skiing
Basic meandering in skiing
Tilt and rhythm change / speed control

A meander in a narrow corridor
A meander in a wider corridor
Quick meandering
Carving turns
Basics of free style
Stretching-bending in basic rotation
Basic dynamic meandering
Switch the basic meander
Carving technique
Rotations (in an oblique descent, down the falling line) 180 ° and 360 °
Off-piste – off-road driving