Ski instructors MAX Jahorina

Ski school MAX Jahorina with licensed ski instructors with many years of experience provides the best way to start your skiing career.

Get yourself a great start to mastering skiing and snowboarding techniques in the beautiful landscapes of mountain peaks with beautifully landscaped trails. Ski school offers the possibility of individual or group ski school (classes) adapted to all ages with an acceptable duration of ski lessons.

MAX Jahorina Ski School is the best way to start your skiing career or upgrade the already achieved level of skiing. Licensed teachers of skiing on Jahorina are competent, experienced and trained for the job of instructor and know the easiest way to reach a certain level of skiing. Therefore, be sure to look for ski schools in Jahorina that have a license for ski training and be sure to ask for an insight from the instructor with whom you ski license, ski licenses are 1, 2, 3, coach and ski demonstrator.

List of ski instructors of the school “Max”

1.Teodora Babić (teacher 1)
2.Sara Kek (teacher 1)
3.Sara Lučić (teacher 1)
4.Maja Rodić (teacher 1)
5.Ivana Veselinović (teacher 1)
6.Nedjo Risticevic (teacher 1)
7.Slaviša Cvjetanović (teacher 1)
8.Srahinja Arnaut (teacher 1)
9.Sergej Rodić (teacher 1)
10.Ljuban Kovačević (teacher 1)
11.Aleksandar Bjelica (teacher 1)
12.Saša Malešević (teacher 2 IVSI)
13.Zoran Tešanović (teacher 3 ISIA)
14.Svetozar Basara (teacher 3 ISIA)
15.Nemanja Pandurević (snowboard teacher)