Rent a skimobile

Spend a few adrenaline-fueled hours to remember!

Riding a Ski-Doo snowmobile on pre-determined trails on Jahorina is part of the winter offer organized by Jahorina Travel. Experienced drivers of the MAX team for years on our Olympic beauty snowmobiles, and in summer quads, allow you to get to know Jahorina in an unforgettable adventure from another perspective, view beautiful Jahorina trails, slopes and parts inaccessible to skiers and walkers.

Team Max has 5 ski-doo snowmobiles in its offer, which are designed for a maximum of two people on sledges, with the possibility of changing drivers in certain places for a break. It is possible to rent one, two, three or four sledges. For larger groups we can provide additional 3-4 ski-doo sledges. All riders will have a crash course (fast course), and get the necessary basics to ride a snowmobile. All rides are accompanied by professionals, so they are intended for beginners, women and older children, as well as for those a little more experienced and professionals who simply want a new experience and adrenaline.


The ride can take 30 minutes or an hour. It is driven according to the desired weights and terrain categories.

The price of a snowmobile per hour is € 60, and half an hour € 30. The price includes fuel.


All drivers who drive in groups, and where our guide goes, must be older than 18 years.
All drivers must have passed the driving test for driving a car
Fuel is included in the price
Helmets are required
Dress warmly (warmer than skiing)
All physical damage must be reported and the damage caused after driving must be compensated
In case we estimate that the weather is too dangerous and not for driving, we give up the planned excursions and rides
Rides are possible only with our escort