Ski school work program MAX Jahorina

If you want to learn to ski, do it with professional instructors. Like any other sporting activity, skiing is best learned when learning the right way from the start. All our instructors have the necessary licenses for ski training of the competent ski association ATUS. Many of them have the highest ski classifications, and with a policy of continuing education and training, we guarantee you the highest level of teaching with the right techniques from the beginning.

The start of training is not conditioned by age. It is never too late to learn to ski. The hardest part is overcoming the initial steps, while breaking down fears and prejudices. The knowledge that one does not have to fall in the training phase and that skiing is not difficult or dangerous, that it can be a pleasure and enjoyment, increases the self-confidence of the participants and strengthens the motives for further participation in ski training. Each participant who passes the training program can reach a certain level of skiing knowledge in accordance with the age and motor base they possess. All ski school students have insurance paid in the event of an accident. In order to successfully master skiing techniques, we have provided cooperation with the best teachers.

One lesson lasts 55 minutes.
1. Getting to know and carrying the equipment
2. Putting on the equipment, skiing position and light gliding on a flat surface intended for beginner training (polygon).
3. Exercises of balance in place and movement
4. Stopping exercises (plow) and preparation for the first descent
5. Downhill in a flat position with stopping at the end of the downhill in the plow position
6. Constant control of speed in the plow position with inserted movement exercises
7. Plow bend
8. Basic bandage
9. Wedge meandering
10. Introduction to vertical transport (first wire)
11. Dynamic meandering
12. Driving on uneven terrain and deep snow

Individual classes:

Involves the work of instructors with 1 to 3 people. In individual teaching, the instructor has the opportunity to approach each individual in a special way in accordance with his current knowledge and abilities. Also, students have the opportunity to adjust the number and dates of classes in agreement with the instructor to their needs and desires.

Group classes:
The formation of homogeneous groups is done according to the age and level of ski knowledge. Groups cannot contain less than 4 participants and more than 8 participants. For children up to 5 years the maximum number of participants is 6. For children aged 6-12 groups are made so that the age difference can be a maximum of 3 years of age. In the case of family learning and the impossibility of separating children from parents or older siblings, the instructor is obliged to acquaint parents with the shortcomings of such learning.

Price list:
The price includes insurance.
The class lasts 55 minutes.
The price for group classes is based on a minimum of 4 students.
The instructor reserves the right to add students of the same level of knowledge.
Cancellations 1 hour before the start are not charged.
The school reserves the right to charge for the canceled class within 1 hour before the start.

The price does not include equipment and a ski pass.
– One person = 20 euros
– Two persons = 30 euros
– Three persons = 35 euros
– Four and more persons = 10 euros per person

– Group classes for 2 hours a day
(2 days a week) = 35 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 50 euros per person
(4 days a week) = 60 euros per person
(5 days a week) = 75 euros per person
(6 days a week) = 85 euros per person

– Group classes for 4 hours a day
(2 days a week) = 60 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 80 euros per person
(3 days a week) = 90 euros per person
(4 days a week) = 100 euros per person
(5 days a week) = 110 euros per person
(6 days a week) = 120 euros per person