Due to its terrain configuration, abundance of quality snow, suitable climate, as many as 50 kilometers of trails for alpine disciplines, Jahorina belonged to one of the most beautiful and most famous ski centers.
Jahorina is only 30 km away from the capital of BiH , Sarajevo, and 15 km from Pale.

If you are wondering what to expect on Jahorina, they are certainly kind hosts, fantastic food and a lot of fun.

Jahorina winter idyll from our angle

Although you will immediately think of skiing, which of course is primary, Jahorina is actually a fantastic destination all year round. The ski slopes usually open in December, and the best part of the snow lasts from January to April. It is equipped with the most modern lifts for the transport of skiers and boarders, which have a total capacity of about 17,000 skiers per hour. Skiers on Jahorina can choose to ski on easy trails, medium trails as well as on difficult trails that are adapted to more experienced and skilled skiers. In the spring, the mountains are covered with thick grasses, various types of medicinal teas, flowers and blueberries. Warm, sunny days usually last until the end of September, and visitors will have perfect conditions for hiking, cycling, and any other outdoor activities in the summer. Certainly one of the biggest attractions that visitors will have the opportunity to experience is riding the longest alpine coaster in the region, as long as 2,500 meters.

For all who have a passion for the mountains, let’s embrace life in beautiful mountains.