The tourist organization “Jahorina” from East Sarajevo is buying a flying hot air balloon whose installation is planned on Trebevic.

A tender has been announced for the procurement and installation of a flying balloon, as well as flight training. Estimated value of the purchase is 119,779 KM without VAT. The balloon and installation would cost around 110,000 KM, and the flight training 9,779 KM.

“It is planned that the balloon will be installed on Trebevic. The procurement is being carried out for the realization of a project that promotes outdoor stay along the line of the Dinaric Mountains in the Sarajevo-Romanija region funded by the European Union,” said the Jahorina Tourist Organization.

The deadline for execution of the contract is 60 days until the conclusion.

All those interested can bid for the balloon and the training until November 4 at the e-auction, where the lowest bid price will be crucial for selection.