Summer season on Jahorina from June 28th

On Sunday, June 28, the summer season at Jahorina was officially opened and since then all summer attractions will be put into operation. In addition to many different activities adapted to tourists of all ages and preferences, the Olympic Center has prepared a 30% discount on all facilities.


Jahorina boasts an already famous mountain coaster 2.5km long which is one of the 10 largest in all of Europe. The departure of the mountain coaster is close to a large lake at top of a mountain and restaurant located in the most beautiful position on Jahorina, from where you can enjoy the lookouts and the view towards the mountain beauties. The lake is ambiently decorated with new walking paths, benches and a pier. Xreycer, tubing, irreplaceable panoramic ride on the Poljice cable car, as well as a sports corner with terrains, bicycles and hiking trails – love trail, health trail and sports trail, ranging from 2.5 km to 13 km, will be available for all visitors. .

For the summer of this year, Jahorina has prepared three more big attractions.


Tower ili Toranj located on the Poljice plateau allows climbing to a height of 9 meters by gently pulling the rope. The strength and speed of the rope pull directly affects the climb speed. While driving, the tower rotates continuously around a vertical axis and allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of the phenomenal mountain landscapes.





Skydive is located near the lake for artificial snow, on top of Poljica, which are also the most attractive location on the mountain. An unusual ride over the lake provides a unique adrenaline experience, a panoramic view of the peaks of Jahorina and a flight across the sky above the Olympic mountain.





Loopster ili Balerina also positioned on the Poljice plateau allows all ages to have full fun in driving which is a unique experience. While driving in one of the 8 cabins that rotate in a circle but also around its axis in both directions, passengers can choose between leisurely ride or experience adrenaline turbulence. For those who want a wild ride only the sky is the limit!


During the summer, periods with discounts on content will be organized, the first one is already at the opening on June 28, when the discount will be 30%. Then July 16-19, 2020, action period called “Replace the sea for the mountain” when the discount on summer content will be 15%, then July 27-30, 2020, “Schoolchildren’s Days” when discounts will be 20%, while every 10th, 20th and 30th of the month under the slogan “Jahorina is a clean ten” discounts on content will be 10%.

We are waiting for you!