The sixth edition of the ULTRA TRAIL on Jahorina!

The Jahorina Olympic Center has announced the sixth edition of the large international Ultra Trail competition, which will be realized in their organization for the first time this year. Ultra Trail 2020 is designed as a two-day competition scheduled for July 25 and 26, when all participants will be able to choose from 4 tracks ranging from 14 km to 88 km.

As before, the Jahorina Ultra Trail consists of Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra routes. The Mini Trail is a 14 km long track, ideal for fast runners but also for beginners in trail running. From this year, the 23 km long Midi Trail is a real treat for lovers of running in nature who want a challenge after which they will be rested for going out, hanging out in the mountains and other activities. Its finishers receive 1 ITRA point. The 49 km long Maxi (2 ITRA points) is for fast ultras or those who will try the ultra form for the first time because there are not many climbs and it is not too difficult. Ultra (4 ITRA points) is for experienced trail runners and with a length of 88 km it offers a sequence of different units due to which there is no monotony on the track and which further intensify the experience of the race.

The Jahorina Olympic Center invites all runners to secure their place in the race on time, with the announcement that about 120 competitors have already registered. We already have about 120 registered competitors.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to experience the full beauty of Jahorina and pass through breathtaking landscapes.